Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stuck by certain patterns that keep showing up in your life?


Are you saying to yourself:

  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • When will my life start moving forward?
  • Why do I keep attracting the wrong relationships?
  • Why am I not understood by my family or co-workers?
  • I am so tired of giving everything I have to people around me and getting nothing in return.
  • I feel so far from where I wanted to be at this point in life.
  • I forget what it feels like to feel good.
  • I have forgotten how to daydream and have fun.
  • I feel so disconnected from my spirituality.
  • I just want to feel a moment of peace!

Whom do we serve?

Are you living in a state of long-term stress and don’t know it?  Stress is a normal and healthy part of life.  Stress motivates us to excel in the face of challenges. We take many cues about our environment and condition in life from stress triggers.  Sensing danger, feeling pain, having anxiety around an aspect of our lives, are all indicators that inform us of a need to take action, make a change, and be aware of our heightened senses.  Where’s the risk? Prolonged states of stress lead to larger problems physically, mentally and emotionally.  We can be stressed out and not even know it.  Check in with yourself now.  Are you living in a state of stress?

We offer powerful tools to help you return to your natural state of peace.  The results of which will profoundly impact your life, just as the stress you are living with now is most certainly impacting the quality of your life–professionally and personally.

Perhaps you have already achieved all the success you have wanted, but you feel that something is missing?  Do you ask yourself, “is this all that I am?  Is there nothing more”?  The answer is “Yes!  There is more YOU!”  Whether you are a high-stressed individual, struggling in personal or professional affairs, or you are a person who already experiences peace in your life and want to go further, Heart Centered Healing Systems has an amazing experience in store just for you!  

What are we about?

We are here to help you connect and live from your heart’s inner wisdom and to experience your deep well of joy and peace within.

We support you with amazing tools to rebalance the mind and the heart.

How do we work?

Our expertise is in holding a safe, calming, peaceful space in which people can enter into the processes of self-discovery, forgiveness, healing, and recreation.  We offer many tools to our clients that are geared toward personal growth, developing self-identity, emotional development and spiritual exploration.

Our services include:

Private one-on-one sessions

♦Group Sessions

Tandem (duo-practitioner) sessions




 What we all want…

We want to feel safer, connected, comfortable, confident and peaceful.  We want to feel supported and empowered.  We all want to feel loved.


What do you get? 

Through healing your emotional wounds and clearing belief systems that do not serve you, you will find within you a peace that is uniquely yours; that you can experience and share with others in your life.

You can find a new inspiration in life, healthier and happier relationships, and greater success in your professional life!

You get tools that will always be useful at every step of your life journey.

You will gain a feeling of personal empowerment that can change your life in ways you’ve always dreamed.

The greatest treasure you will gain awaits you…It IS you!



Remember, you are your first, best and most powerful asset.  You can affect great positive change in your life, and, in doing so, inspire others to be their best!  In this way, we can create a brighter and more loving world together.  We can provide tools, knowledge and support.  It is your responsibility to use them wisely and lovingly in your own unique way.


“Completing the inner child healing process with Wendi Rose and Sam Haines has helped me to be more aware of what relationships in the present are triggering the little girl in me because of something in the past. As a result I am able to express my needs in a relationship more effectively. Wendi and Sam helped me clear old programming from past abuse and trauma through the use of spiritual counseling, guided meditation, and Integrated Energy Therapy. Now when I wake up during the night instead of feeling afraid and alone, I feel peace. The extreme pain I felt from clenching my teeth during the night is gone.

Throughout this process I felt supported by God/Goddess and my guides in healing. I was honest, brave and committed to doing the work and the rewards have been great! Wendi and Sam provided nurturing support throughout this journey. Their guided meditations and IET sessions are powerful clearing and healing experiences.
Thank you.”
~Christina Golden